Jinkee Pacquiao wins by TKO

Jinkee won by forgiving Manny’s, er, transgression.

“Tinanggap ko yung issue ngayon.  Ganon ko siya kamahal.  Hindi ka maka move-on, wala kang peace, pagka hindi mo napatawad.”

In the midst of denials by Manny and Krista on their alleged special relationship, Jinkee virtually confirmed the relationship in an interview for Yes! Magazine January 2010 issue.

Jinkee bares her feelings on the Manny-Krista affair.

She said she was aware of what was going on but did not confront Manny before and right after the fight against World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Miguel Cotto.

A friend affirmed that Jinkee was thinking Manny might get distracted, lose the fight, and eventually be blamed for the loss.

“Alam ko naman, e. Kasi hindi ko naman dapat ipagkaila na mayroon talagang nangyari, kasi buong bayan or lahat ng tao, alam nila. Hindi naman puwedeng ako lang ang walang alam.  Nagpe-pretend ako na wala akong alam.”

She admitted that the Krista issue was the worst she experienced since many people had seen Manny and Krista together unlike other rumored relationships (Ara Mina, Valerie Concepcion).

“Kasi sila, parang…alam mo, alam ng mga tao, na parang iyong sinasabi nila na lantaran na ginagawa?  Parang hindi naman tinatago?”

The article mentioned otherwise unknown Manny-Krista details.  One is that Manny and Krista were supposed to leave Los Angeles for Manila together  (since Jinkee was sure to be left behind to do her shopping). Jinkee learned about the plan and so she left together with Manny.

Jinkee said she is happier now and that she will be malambing and give more attention to her husband.

Well, Jinkee has a lot to be happy and thankful for.  Aside from her once-again loving husband and four kids, she has two boutiques in General Santos City. She has also become a fierce cover girl. Watch out for her in the cover  of Preview magazine Jan-Feb 2010 issue — another knockout!

Jinkee -- Fierce! (picture from stylebible.ph)


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Heels to Die For

Style versus Practicality

Every fashionista owns at least a pair of very high heels, but wearing them can be very costly — and I don’t just mean the purchase price.

High heels can make women look taller, slimmer, and sexier, but they can also cause bunions, a bad back, and also allegedly, infertility.  It is said that heels over 5 inches make the pelvis tilt forward, squashing the female reproductive organs.

Posh Fashion

In Paris last week, as Victoria Beckham was coming out of her car, a shoe slipped, exposing her bunion which has reportedly causing her much pain. The former Posh Spice has already been advised to have a bunionectomy. This is not surprising given the 5-inch heels she is often seen wearing.

Unfashionable and painful bunions showing through her spiked sandals

Royal Heels

Ms. Beckham’s heels are surpassed by the stilettos of Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne. Despite the possibility of slipping on the ground which has just been cleared of thick snow, Ms. Phillips was seen wearing 6-inch stiletto heels.

Her heels were in sharp contrast to the sensible low-heeled boots her female relatives wore during the quarter-mile walk to church on Queen Elizabeth’s estate in Norfolk during Christmas day.

On the final stretch however, she needed a little help and linked arms with her cousin Prince William.

Ms. Phillips with Princes William and Harry

Ms. Phillips's heels with traces of snow

Killer Heels

But nothing beats Alexander McQueen’s shoe-boots with 10-inch heels, as seen from his spring 2010 collection.

McQueen's models in 10-inch shoe-boots

To the fashionista: Would these stilettos make you sexier?

Socialite Daphne Guinness in McQueen's killer shoes

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Manny Pacquiao v.s. Jinkee Pacquaio: Brief Blow-by-Blow Account

I am posting some of the things I read and heard about the alleged Manny-Krista affair.

I read Cristy Fermin’s blind item that a famous actress came to pick up a famous personality’s items which were to be auctioned for the benefit of typhoon Ondoy victims.  They were in the receiving area of the hotel suite where the man was staying at the time.  He was said to be uncomfortable like he was hiding something, and the actress sensed this.  To the latter’s surprise, she saw the guy’s alleged girlfriend waving hello at her behind a room.

I read Lolit Solis’s article about an unconfirmed report that Ara Mina went to Baguio unannounced to visit Manny. Manny’s staff informed Manny who was reportedly in a room upstairs with Krista. But Manny told his staff to tell Ara to wait. After about 3 hours, Manny went down from the room, with Krista behind him.  Ara lashed out at Manny for having her wait, saying, “Paghihintayin mo ako ng ganu’n katagal dahil lang sa babaeng ito! Sino ba iyan?”  Krista reportedly said something like, “Ewan ko sa ‘yo… wala akong pakialam sa ‘yo…”

I saw a Youtube video with Manny leaving the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show (where he sang Sometimes When We Touch).  Seated right beside him in his Mercedes car was a lady (who was obviously not Jinkee) covering her face.  It was said that Jinkee was not yet in the US at that time.

I heard that Manny fetched Jinky at the Los Angeles airport and the couple were not seen kissing or hugging when they saw each other.

Pacman won, felling Cotto in a 12th round TKO. Jinkee was seen at the bout, saying she could not believe that Manny would be so honoured with winning his 7th title in different weight divisions.

During “The Buzz,” Kris showed Ruffa and Boy a text message sent by Mareng Jinkee, which seemed to shock the three hosts. Kris mentioned that Jinkee said that she and her husband would talk after the fight.

I read that Jinkee did not attend Manny’s victory party and mini-concert at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

I saw the video where, during a Thanksgiving Mass when a priest preached that the most important thing in the world is the family, Jinkee could not control her tears, ignoring Manny’s efforts to comfort her.

I read that Gina Alajar, on her facebook account, said that “If I am Jinkee Pacquiao I will not give up Manny… Krista Ranillo is not at all worth it!!!”  Answering comments on her facebook, the veteran actress alleged that Krista liked married men.

I saw on the news that Jinky’s parents and relatives in Sarangani (where Pacman was eyeing a congressional seat in 2010) were sad upon seeing Jinky break down in tears during the thanksgiving mass.

I saw pictures of Manny and Krista taken when they were together in Baguio.

If Manny’s alleged affair with Krista were true, I wondered if Jinkee would forgive Manny when Manny begs for her forgiveness again.

In a YES! Magazine interview (July 27, 2009), Jinkee admits that she gets hurt every time Manny “forgets” that he has a wife, but in the end she still finds her husband endearing and hard to resist.  Jinkee said, “Bumait naman siya,Isang buwan, ‘tapos balik na naman. Inom dito, sugal dito. Ganoon siya pag may kasalanan. Sobrang bait! Two weeks, three weeks, one month ang pinakamatagal.  Pag guilty, kahit ano ipagawa mo, puwede. Kahit ano! Puwede siyang utus-utusan dito.  Maglilinis siya.  Magma-mop ng kuwarto namin, kasi alam niyang ako mismo ang nagma-mop.  Kung puwede lang, siya na magligpit lahat! Sabi ko nga, ‘Ilang ulit nang ganyan.'”

In that same article, Jinkee said that “Ang dami ko nang napagdaanan.  Ang dami ko nang natutunan. Kailangan maging strong para makayanan ko lahat. Hindi ko nga ma-imagine na nakayanan ko lahat ng napagdaanan ko. Minsan, iniisip ko na gusto ko na mag-give-up, pero hindi puwede. Siyempre, nasasaktan tayo, di ba? Pero kung ‘yong sobra-sobra na at paulit-ulit, ayoko naman ng ganoon. Napapagod din naman ako. Pero sa akin, ayoko ng hiwalay. Ayoko na ‘yong mga anak ko, iisipin nila na wala silang ama, walang daddy. Yon ang iniisip ko na sana ‘wag mangyari. Gusto ko lang naman ‘yong respeto.”

I saw Manny’s arrival ceremonies at the NAIA, with Jinkee staying close to Manny the entire time.  The pair looked happy together and exchanged kisses upon prodding by media people.

Watch out for the next round…..

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Wise Words from Melanie and Paris

1979 Miss International Melanie Marquez


Melanie Marquez has kept us entertained through the years with her quotable quotes.  Her first memorable quote was at the Binibining Pilipinas in 1979.  When asked what her best asset was, she said, “My long legged.”  She won the Binibining Pilipinas International title, then the Miss International crown in Japan months later.

At a talk show after her break-up with Derek Dee, Melanie was asked if she had some ords for Derek’s mother (whom she partly blamed for the separation): “Oo nga,” said Melanie, “pero i-English-in ko para maintindihan niya.” She looked into the camera and said, “And to you, Mrs. Dee, I have two words for you.  Ang labo mo!“

Her reply to a duke who was asking for her calling card: “Why I will give my calling card, I’m not a call girl.”

While waiting backstage during a noontime show after watching Nikki Valdez do her dance number: “Nikki, you’re so galing. You should go to the States. You will sell hotcakes!”

During the Joey Marquez-Kris Aquino scandal:

  • “Yung STD, baka sa maruming toilet lang niya nakuha yan.”
  • “Don’t judge my brother; he’s not a book.”
  • “Hindi ba kayo naawa sa kapatid ko…sa mga kwento nya? Di ba kayo na-PERSUAVE ng mga kwento niya? Hindi si Joey ang tipong mambubugbog ng babae…talaga lang malapit siya sa mga gulo…PRO-ACCIDENT kasi siya eh.”
  • “Eh, ikaw ba naman, durugin ang ari mo…Pag di ka naman manutok ng baril.”
  • “Kapatid ko pa rin siya. We are one and the same.”
  • “Bakit ang dami mong tanong? You’re so questionable.”

In Morning Girls with Kris and Korina, while promoting her movie with Aleck Bovick: “Please watch HIRAM starring Aleck Baldwin (referring to Aleck Bovick) and myself. It’s DIRECTOR by Romy Suzara.”

After giving birth, in an interview on The Buzz: “My answers have been prayered!”

To ex-flame Senator Lito Lapid: “Hello…Huwag kang tumahol sa sarili mong bakuran noh!”

Before Christmas: ”Well, I want to spend my holidays with my family most probably out of place.”

When asked on S-Files if her present husband, Adam Lawyer, was her Mr. Right: “Period na talaga; wala nang exclamation point.”

Talking about her law studies: “I’m taking law slowly, not fast.”

Hottt Paris


Paris Hilton is also known for her quotable quotes.

The Non-Thinking Paris

  • “I don’t want to be known as the Hilton heiress, because I didn’t do anything for that.”
  • “One of my heroes has always been Barbie. She may not do anything, but she always looks amazing doing it.”
  • Paris on her technique on the red carpet: “I don’t really think, I just walk.”
  • “Whatever I write in email, it doesn’t mean anything. It is just words I write.”

Clueless Paris

  • “Wal-Mart… do they like make walls there?”
  • “What’s a soup kitchen?”
  • Paris, when asked by the British press if she fancied Tony Blair, “Who? Oh yeah… he’s like your president? I don’t know what he looks like.”

Paris, Paris, Paris

  • “There’s nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde, like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana and, right now, I’m that icon.”
  • “Dress cute wherever you go, life is too short to blend in.”

Out-of-this-World Paris

  • “This is Earth. Isn’t it hot?”

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Dark Age Indeed

I did not realize how far dark we are living in the Current Dark Age until I heard Comelec’s decision on Ang Ladlad’s petition for party list accreditation.

By junking Ang Ladlad’s petition on “moral grounds”, the Comelec has just demonstrated why Ang Ladlad should be given party list accreditation.  Comelec has just discriminated against the gay community (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders or LGBTs) – bigtime!

The Comelec’s 2nd Division also usurped the roles of the priests and Imams, complete with quotations from the Bible and Koran!  Gosh, are we back in the medieval times?  Where is the separation between church and state as prescribed in the 1987 Constitution?

Commission on Human Rights Chair Leila de Lima hit the nail on the head when she said that Ang Ladlad is discriminated against in their right to participate as an organization in the party list elections, thereby violating the right against discrimination and their right to be voted for.

Chair de Lima also explained that the reference to Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code as the only statutory ground to support the finding of immorality begs the question: “Is there in fact a secular, governmental policy against homosexuality?  And if this test were to be rightfully applied for Ang Ladlad, shouldn’t this be equally applied to each and every candidate running for public office?”

Bishop Nicodemus Ferrer, Bishop Lucenito Tagle and Imam Elias Yusoph cited Article 694 of the Civil Code which defines nuisance as “any act, omission, establishment, business, condition of property, or anything else which shocks, defies, or disregards decency or morality.”

They also cited Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code saying that those who shall “publicly expound or proclaim doctrines openly contrary to public morals” must be punished.

Bishop Ferrer argued that the LGBT sector does not need representation because it is in fact “overrepresented,” as their presence is felt in every other sector.  He asked, “In what way are they being marginalized? In what way are they being discriminated upon?”

Danton Remoto of Ang Ladlad

I saw Danton Remoto being interviewed at ANC and he cited cases where LGBTs, although qualified for the job, were not hired when their sexual orientation were found out.  Apparently, employment opportunities are not equal across sexual preferences.  He also emphasized that his group is not advocating for gay marriage.

It is troubling to note that these alleged potential offenses “against morality” are subject to prosecution under the Civil Code and Revised Penal Code.  Are we entering an era of gay prosecution while other countries have fully embraced LGBTs into their societies?

May we remind the 2nd Division Bishops and Imam that homosexuality has long been removed from the official list of mental disorders in 1973 by the American Psychiatric Association and in 1975 by the American Psychological Association Council of Representatives.

Why has the Comelec 2nd Division adopted this holier than thou attitude amidst the unbridled greed, unashamed corruption, and blatant cheating that have characterized this Current Dark Age?

Who will judge what “moral is?”

“Who is immoral?”

Are not the corrupt officials who are running for another term considered “immoral” and thus should be prevented from public office?  What would you call the Comelec Commissioner who got caught allowing himself be used for vote maneuvering?

Ang Ladlad should continue to fight for their rights, especially the right to equal employment opportunities, up to the Supreme Court if needed.

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